St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

St Stephen and St Maria Goretti are our Class Saints



Mrs Holdway and Mrs Shenton are the Year 4 class teachers. 
Miss Lowe and Mr McQuade are the Learning Support Assistants.

Y4 Learning Block Two Curriculum Overview

Year Four - Learning Block One - Highlights

European Language Day - Portugal

The children have taken part in European Language Day by learning about the Portuguese culture.

They have spoken the language, found out interesting facts, drawn the flag, written a postcard and created artwork in the style of Diogo Machado Azulejo tiles.

Circuits and Conductors


We have been exploring circuits as part of our new science topic - Circuits and Conductors. We had to workout which circuits would work and which wouldn't.



We have started our new topic in Geography with a bang! We used 'Now Press Play' to imagine that we were at Pompeii in 79AD, then we researched Mt. Vesuvius and finally we got to make our own volcano!

Our Ladies Birthday


As part of Our Ladies birthday, the children in Year 4 took part in a class liturgy. They then thought about different inspirational women that there are in the world. Finally they made their own miraculous medal.

Year Four - Learning Block Four - Highlights

Anglo Saxon Workshop at The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

The children visited The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery as part of their learning about the Anglo Saxons. They took part in two workshops where they made their own helmet and clay pot. They even got to see the famous Staffordshire Hoard.

Switches (Design and Technology)

For our Design and Technology work we have been looking at and making different kinds of switches to turn an alarm on or off. The types of switches include push to make, on and off and push to break.

French Day

The children dressed up in red, white and blue for the day and the took part in a variety of activities where they learned the names of pets in French. In the afternoon they even got to go to the ice cream parlour and order an ice cream in French!

Athlete Visit

The children had a visit from Jayden Paddock who is part of the GB gymnastic team. The children all took part in a circuit session with him.

World Ocean Day

As part of world ocean day, the children took part in an assembly from Severn Trent, where they found out about how important water is and that it is crucial that we stay hydrated. Following on from this they discovered that the oceans are in huge need of revitalisation. Using recycled materials from home, in groups the children created collages of sea turtles to highlight the problem that many sea creatures face of extinction and that we need to recycle our waste.

Newcastle College

The children visited Newcastle College to experience science in the Science Labs. The children took part in three activities:-

  • making an circuit and creating a buzzer game
  • testing acids and alkalis
  • creating stories using Lego.

Science - Teeth

The children looked at the different types of teeth that we have. They then made their own models of their teeth out of clay.

Year 4 Reminders

All children should bring their reading books and diaries on a daily basis. It is encouraged that children read for a minimum of 10 minutes a day, five times per week at home, with an adult. This will help the children with their comprehension, creative writing and widening their vocabulary. 



How many red experiences can you tick off?