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Maths at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School
What Ofsted said about maths in our school ‘The teaching of Mathematics across the school in particularly effective. Teachers use a range of resources to provide pupils with explicit models to support their learning. Because of this, pupils can relate and apply what they have learned in a variety of contexts. This deepens pupils’ understanding’.


Here at St Mary’s we instil a love of maths within the children. Their enthusiasm for the subject can be seen throughout the school. Many cross-curricular links are made with science, ICT and our topics. Children annually enjoy a ‘Maths & PE Day’ where they can apply their knowledge to solve problems in a real-life context. Year 6 children also show off their mathematical knowledge by competing in the national UKMT Junior Challenge, designed for children aged between 10 and 14. We receive a number of Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates from our entries each year.

In lessons, all years group follow the Power Maths scheme of work ensuring that our children are exposed to all areas of the National Curriculum. Our interactive lessons engage and inspire the children to use their mathematical skills with fluency and independence, mastering skills that have been taught. ‘Teaching for Mastery’ ensures that every child succeeds in maths, and the majority of children in the class move at the same pace. Children are challenged through activities and investigations that deepen their understanding of particular concepts.

Foundation Stage introduce number to the children focussing on number names, formation and ordering. The children then progress on to one and two digit calculations involving addition and subtraction using number lines and concrete objects. With apparatus, the children explore halving and doubling and children learn the names and properties of shapes.

The focus of teaching in key stage 1 is whole numbers, counting and understanding place value. This includes work with numerals, words and the four operations, using practical resources to support understanding. Pupils also develop their knowledge of shape and measure, including time.

Teaching in lower key stage 2 ensures that pupils become increasingly fluent with the four operations, including number facts and the concept of place value. Children develop efficient written and mental methods and an ability to solve a range of problems, including with simple fractions and decimals. Lessons also develop further, the children’s understanding of measuring and shape. Children work on learning their multiplication tables up to and including 12x12.

In upper key stage 2, children develop the connections that pupils make between multiplication and division with fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio. At this stage, pupils develop their ability to solve a wider range of problems using written and mental methods of calculation. Children are introduced to algebra as a means for solving a variety of problems. Children are also taught to apply their knowledge of number to calculation involving shape and measure.

Today the children took part in raising money for the NSPCC's Number Day.

We began the day by wearing something number related, such as a football shirt or a onesie. We then took part in a range of times table related games outdoors - competing to win team points. The activities ranged from 'Multiple Beanbag Steal' to 'Hoop 9' where the children had to shoot hoops for nine points. 

After break, we enjoyed playing board and card games which required us to use our mathematical knowledge. Today has been so much fun... and all for a great cause!


BBC Radio Stoke

BBC Radio Stoke 1
BBC Radio Stoke 2
BBC Radio Stoke 3
Year 6 children took part in recording for BBC Radio Stoke's 'No Fuss Eleven Plus' challenge. They had to test the public on their mathematical knowledge and see how well they would get on, if faced with the SATs questions that the children have to answer. We enjoyed meeting the presenters and having a tour of the station afterwards. Listen out for us on the radio!