St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Learning to live out our calling with compassion and love.

French Day 2022

                        C’était fantastique !

Our annual celebration of all things French took place when we celebrated French Day.  The children spent the day enjoying exciting opportunities to experience French culture and traditions. We all came to school dressed in the colours of the French Flag, 'le tricolore': rouge, blanc et bleu.

The aim of this day was to revise key vocabulary, as well as introducing some new vocabulary. Teachers carefully selected themes which appealed to their children and challenged them to recall and build upon previous learning. But most of all we wanted the children to show their enthusiasm and love of French by participating in fun first hand experiences.

French cultural capital at its finest!

The children were really excited to eat their Parisienne style lunch and they used their French menus to show off speaking in French!

C'était délicieux !

In the afternoon, our Year 1 children hosted salon de crème glacée and with the support of teachers, Year 6 school ambassadors and even our school caretaker, we served up over 450 ice creams! - quatre cent cinquante glaces and gave the children the opportunity to order ice creams in French. At the same time, we raised an amazing £242 towards the cost of our Year 1 trip. The children really pulled together in living out their vocation – Learning to be loving and compassionate.               

Parisienne Picnic

Ice Cream Parlour