St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Learning to live out our calling with compassion and love.

Photos of Previous Learning

Athlete Visit

The children had a visit from Jayden Paddock who is part of the GB gymnastic team. The children all took part in a circuit session with him.

Newcastle College

The children visited Newcastle College to experience science in the Science Labs. The children took part in three activities:-

  • making an circuit and creating a buzzer game
  • testing acids and alkalis
  • creating stories using Lego.

Science - Teeth

The children looked at the different types of teeth that we have. They then made their own models of their teeth out of clay.

As part of our History and Art topic of the Ancient Maya, the children recreated an ancient mask using their own ideas and designs.

Safer Internet Day

The children have thought about how to keep themselves whilst online.

The children have dressed up as their favourite book character. They have shared their favourite stories and even written their own raps!

Dress Up As A Scientist - February 2022

The children dressed up as their favourite scientist. As part of the day the children presented to the class who they were, why they had chosen this person and what they were famous for.

NSPCC - Number Day - February 2022

The children have taken part in 'Number Day' in order to raise money for the NSPCC. Children were encouraged to dress up as something to do with maths. During the day they took part in various activities linked to maths.

Now Press Play - Mayan Experience

As part of our new topic in History, the children have used the 'Now Press Play' experience to get their imaginations going about what life was like for the Ancient Maya. 

Candlemas Worship February 2022

Today has been Candlemas Day and we have had our own special worship time to celebrate this.

Our Mayan Temples

In our design and technology lessons the children had designed and made their own Mayan temples using a variety of materials.

Our Mayan Timeline

In order to get an idea of how long ago the Mayan civilisation was, the children constructed their own timelines.

Making Our Own Electrical Circuits

In science the children have investigated how to make a bulb light up and how the different components of an electrical circuit work.

French - Our Hobbies

Children have been learning to speak about their hobbies in French.

Now Press Play - Volcano Experience

The children have taken part in the 'Now Press Play' experience for volcanoes.


We start each morning with a delicious tasty bagel!

Oracy Day September 2022

Today the children have been taking part in a variety of activities to promote oracy, so that they can become better speakers and be more articulate.