St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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What phonics looks like at St Mary's:



At St Mary's we endeavour to empower our children to become confident readers and to nurture within them a desire to read. Within our nursery setting we focus on phase 1 which is a crucial foundation for their future learning. As they progress into reception we use a systematic synthetics programme called StoryTime Phonics which incorporates the 40+ phonemes, tricky words and high frequency words with stories and traditional tales. This allows the children to see the phoneme or phonemes within the context of a book and makes their learning purposeful. The lessons are fun and exciting with creative activities that the children are engaged by and are eager to participate in. This continues into Year 1. We also incorporate elements of these lessons into our interventions for children who are not secure in certain phases and this is especially important for children who were unable to pass the National Phonics check whilst in Year 1.