St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Autumn term fundraiser - Christmas disco.

After feedback from the PTFA questionnaires the Christmas disco had a change of venue and was held at St. Mary's for the first time. It proved to be a great success with the children and staff. Lots of fabulous dancing and some great moves by the boys! The glow sticks and sweets were as popular as ever. As well as being a great social occasion, the disco also raised £245.73. Thank you to everyone who was able to help out.

Autumn term fundraiser - cinema nights

Our Christmas cinema nights were back due to popular demand from children as well as parents. The children really enjoyed the movies as well as the sweets and popcorn. The three nights were very well attended and managed to raise £420.10. Thanks again to our small but dedicated PTFA team.

Autumn fundraiser - Christmas plays raffle and refreshment donations

As always, the Christmas plays were well attended and absolutely amazing to watch. This year we went with separate times for each year group's performance. This meant that everyone who wanted to come and see the children perform could do so. The PTFA held a raffle and served refreshments at each event and managed to raise £272.07. Thank you all for coming and for your many positive comments. It gave the staff and children  a real boost to know that all their hard work had been  appreciated.

Letter from the PTFA Chair

Dear Parents

I am the  chair of St. Mary's  PTFA.  I have an interest in providing exciting events and social opportunities for the families and children of our school. 

In the PTFA we like to organise social opportunities throughout the school year and it is through these events that we are able to raise funds for equipment that will benefit our children on a daily basis. We have previously helped to fund the gardening club by providing a bench and    planters & more recently we have purchased a CD recorder & microphone for the music department.

There are currently only a few members of our PTFA and we would really like to invite as many new participants as we can to help support our thriving school with their fresh ideas and enthusiasm. We are always looking of ways to raise money for the school and we happily welcome any suggestions.

If you’re not able to attend meetings but would still like to help with events such as our Summer Fayre, Sports Days or even making tea & coffee, then we would welcome your support and ask that you speak to the office staff.

If you are interested, we would very much like to see you at our next meeting, so please come and join us.


We look forward to meeting you 

Vicky McCallum

Chair, PTFA