St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Learning to live out our calling with compassion and love.

School Clubs

Our Extra-Curricular Offer

At St. Mary’s, the children have access to a wide range of extra-curricular clubs which run either after school or during the school day. These clubs are designed to improve the wellbeing of our children by encouraging them to be active, give and improve their relationships with each other.

What Ofsted Said...

'Leaders ensure that pupils have lots of opportunities to enrich their education and pupils’ personal development and welfare are strengths of the school. Pupils have benefited from access to a wide variety of after-school clubs, competitive events and special activities. As a result, increasingly more pupils participate in a wider range of sports. The children also understand the importance of keeping healthy and how fitness can contribute to their overall wellbeing.'

In addition to the clubs listed above, we also have a chaplaincy team which are trained by Mr Bridgewater and Mrs Wrigley. This team is crucial to our preparations for both whole school and class masses.


Music clubs and tuition are coordinated by Mrs Walton and include choir, orchestra, recorders and guitar club. These clubs are extremely well attended and the groups participate in a varied range of competitions and performances at The Victoria Hall.


Sports Clubs are a combination of sports types. These are selected through the use of Pupil Voice which is carried out each half term. Clubs are also a combination of paid for or complimentary and can be seen below: