St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Learning to live out our calling with compassion and love.

Catholic Life and Mission

Welcome to our Catholic Life Page!


Diocesan inspection report said:

Progress and attainment of pupils in RE is good; the result of good teaching and outstanding behaviour of the children. They involve themselves wholeheartedly in opportunities to exercise their generosity in helping others.

Our Mission at St. Mary's

The Catholic Life of the school is given the highest priority where the development of an authentic Catholic ethos is actively sought by all. Children are empowered to have a thorough understanding of the Church’s liturgical year, its seasons, rites and symbols.  Within the school community, prayer has a profound and visible effect on the development of all pupils and staff irrespective of ability or faith background. As a school, we promote a love of faith; engaging and inspiring our children to take responsibility for promoting the Catholic ethos of our community whilst seeking to lead and develop this further. Developing a greater understanding of vocation is fundamental in giving our children a meaningful reason to live out their faith. Teachers ensure that children are provided with opportunities to develop their thinking and respond to questions of faith. Our school celebrates, develops and enhances the Catholic Life of our children and ensures our Catholic ethos underpins all that we do and strive to achieve.



Christ has no body on earth but ours. Ours are the hands with which He heals.

Ours are His eyes, His feet, His lips. Ours are the hearts through which He loves.