St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Family Learning

Healthy Tots Club

Thank you to the Nursery and Reception families who attended Mrs Peacock's Healthy Tots Club. The children had lots of fun learning about a healthy balanced diet as well as preparing and making yummy healthy snacks. It was lovely to hear parents saying that their children are enjoying cooking at home and are now happier and more confident to try lots of different foods.


Breakfast Club

Thank you to our families who continue to support Breakfast Club. We enjoyed trying overnight porridge oats with fresh fruit and honey as well as sampling healthy wholewheat breakfast bagels with low fat spreads.

Child Behaviour Course

Thank you to the parents who attended the four week 'Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour Course'. It was lovely to see our parents listening to each other, sharing ideas and working together at each session to gain a better understanding of parenting styles, and how to handle children's unwanted behaviour in a positive way.  Zena and myself have really enjoyed watching our parents grow in confidence and hope you will all continue to live a happier, balanced life with your families.


Parents Comments


 " Really enjoyed the course, I feel confident, got some good ideas which are really working     for me. I will definitely recommend the course to all."


 " Not just informative, but having ideas and stories from other parents really boosted my      confidence. I have a happier home because of it."


" Very interesting and valuable course. I picked up a lot of useful techniques . Thank you       for running the course."


" The family learning tool has helped me in so many ways to support my kids more. It has      also brought us together and the support I get from both my children at times can be      amazing. I hope we can have a happy home soon."


" Well what can I say... I have really, really enjoyed doing this course, admittedly at first I was slightly sceptical with doing other courses previously. But, come week two I made a friend and  realised I am not the only parent facing difficulties. Also, that there are other things that another parent advised which I found worked for my children. I would definitely recommend this course to other parents." 











World Book Day Breakfast Club 

Wow! What an amazing turn out for our World Book Day Breakfast Club... over 100 attended. Our families really enjoyed sharing books with their children as well as making characters from popular children's books . Can't wait to see you all again at the next Breakfast Club.  

Breakfast Club 

Thank you to all of our families who came to support our monthly school Breakfast Club. An amazing turn out as always! We had lots of fun exploring ingredients to make healthy breakfast super snacks. There was lots of lovely feedback and the children especially said how yummy they were and couldn't wait to try them out at home. 

Lots of parents have been asking me about these boxes and what they are for.

They are the Parent Suggestion Boxes Mrs Peacock has set up, as part of her Family Learning Role.

They give you the opportunity to have your voice heard by writing your ideas on the Parent Suggestion slips which you can then post into these boxes.

The reply slips for our first Breakfast Club can also be placed in here - see the letter section below.