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Year 2


Welcome to Year 2

St David and St Patrick are our Class Saints

Mrs. Lazenby and Mrs. Shaw are the Year 2 class teachers.
 Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Papia are the learning support assistants.

Year Two - Learning Block Two

Year Two - Learning Block One

Year Two - Learning Block Four



NSPCC Number Day 2023

Friday 2nd September was number day! We dressed up as numbers, did a computer maths quiz, did outdoors maths and then looked at symmetry in art.

French - Les Fruits

Check out our video on youtube! 

Now press play (Science - Growth and survival)

Multi Faith Week November 2022

During multi faith week we visited the local synagogue as part of our work on Judaism.

National Non-Fiction Day

We have visited the school library today and looked at the variety of texts and authors. It was brilliant to see and read so many books!


 Maths - Column Subtraction

We have been using the maths equipment to help us with our exchanging and borrowing during column subtraction. We have used the tens and one's grid to see clearly the numbers. We have worked collaboratively with our partners. 

Geography - Igloo building 

Today in Geography we have used a variety of materials to create Igloos. We had the choice of cubes, fruit pastels, sugar cubes, marshmellows, cotton wool and clay.

Year 2 Curriculum- Learning Block One

Year Two - Learning Block 1 - Highlights

Science: Materials

In science we are sorting plastic and metals and will decide the suitability of each material and it’s properties. We are then choosing items to put into a time capsule based on their properties.


Maths: Column Addition

In Year 2 we have been using a variety of maths equipment to help with column addition. The children practically demonstrated with resources that they had chosen to answer their questions.

Science home learning Investigations

Mrs Shenton set the whole school some science investigation challenges to complete at home. Here are 2 children who have had a go at being super investigators of all things science!

Autumn Disco

The children had great fun at the Autumn disco organised by the PTFA. We laughed, danced and had an amazing time! 

Author of the Month

This month David McKee is our October author, he is most famous for his Elmer stories.

Elmer was a patchwork elephant! We hope to read all of these fabulous stories.

Black History Month

Year 2 have had great fun today researching and gathering information about Barack Obama, as part of our english, history and oracy work during Black History Month. We began the day with a wordsearch to research some key terminology about the day. We researched the former president and created factfiles and practiced our oracy skills by making a news snippet! This afternoon, we created portraits of Barack Obama in the style of Kehinde Wiley.

Black History Month/Oracy

As part of black history month we have researched Barrack Obama and produced some fact files detailing his life and career.

We have linked this with our oracy work to produce a short video in the style of a news report to tell everyone all about our famous character

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Still image for this video


We have been collecting food for our Harvest festival ready to donate to the food bank and local community.

Art - World Space Week


We designed and made space rockets for this special week. 5,4,3,2,1... blast off!!

Maths - Whole and Part model

We have been using the whole and part model in maths to solve family facts addition and subtraction number sentences.

Autumn Poetry

We have been on a autumnal walk around the school looking at the signs of autumn. We used our senses of sight, hearing, smelling and touching to discover some autumn wonders! We looked at the tree colours, shadows, autumn sun and the crisp crunchy leaves.

Science collages 

Today we have created collages in Science. Some of us created a collage from man made materials and some of us created them from man-made materials. #sciencestm

European languages day

For European languages day Year 2 had the language, Spanish. We learnt some greetings and counted up to 20. We learnt all about the traditions of Spain and even tried out some Flamenco dancing! We also learnt about the famous Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso and created our own cubism masterpieces. 

Mary's Birthday

Today we learnt more about the Patron Saint of our school , Mary the mother of Jesus. We used different skills and materials to create some beautiful Mary artwork. Happy birthday Mary!

Maths - Place Value

Today we used our place value counters and our diennes to represent two-digit numbers. 

Arctic - Now Press Play

We have been introduced to our new Geography unit 'Let's go to the Arctic!' through one of our 'Now Press Play' experiences. We went on an Arctic adventure with Cub and his family and learnt all about the weather conditions and challenges that living in the Arctic can have!

RE - Old Testament stories

Today we have explored the Old Testament and have discussed and found some of our favourite Bible stories. 

Year Two - Learning Block 4 - Highlights

Designing and making sweet seaside snacks

Today we have been creating sweet seaside snacks based on the designs we made last week. Our objective was to make a seaside image using a variety of different fruits. 

Science - Living in Habitats - Food chains

Today we used our prior knowledge of plants and animals that live in different habitats to explain how they all rely on each other by creating food chains. 

French Day

On Wednesday 2nd June we had a fun French afternoon! Our topic was 'All about me'. We learnt how to greet our friends, how to say how we are feeling, what our favourite colour is and how old we are. The best part was when we went to the ice cream parlour and ordered in French! 

PSHE - Careers and Vocations Day

We were fortunate enough to have three special guest speakers who talked us through their career paths. They were: Father Marco (priest), Julia Bridgewater MBE (NHS manager) and Rose Sedgwick (vet). We also looked at the value of saving money and the difference between needs and wants. 

On Wednesday 8th June, Year 2 went to Llandundo for our History topic, 'What were seaside holidays like in the past?'

We walked along the promenade, ate lunch under trees to keep away from the seagulls, explored the pier, ate ice lollies and played on the beach with our friends. We had a great day and now we have all experienced a seaside trip!

This learning block in Design and Technology we have been planning, creating and evaluating seaside snacks. We have created a savoury seaside scene on a tortilla wrap, we are currently planning a seaside animal fruit sculpture and towards the end of our learning block we will be designing and creating a seaside cake decoration.

Now Press Play - Living in Habitats

For the start of our new science unit, 'Habitats', we have enjoyed an experience of Now Press Play. We were aliens from a different planet trying to find somewhere new to live. We had to adapt our bodies to all the different habitats to make them suitable to live there.

Today we launched our new History topic – ‘Seaside Holidays’. We all dressed in our favourite holiday clothes and brought in photographs and souvenirs to help us to tell our friends all about our favourite holidays. We looked at some seaweed that Mrs Di-Miceli had collected from her recent holiday and even got to sample some chips which is a popular seaside cuisine!

This learning block the children have been studying the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy who enjoys creating art work from natural materials. Here are the fabulous clay sculptures that the children have created! #artstm

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