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Photos from Previous Learning

D&T - Creating a seaside scene 

Today, Year 2 have enjoyed making a wonderful seaside scene after designing it last week. Some of the ingredients we used were: tortilla wraps, cheese, blueberries, grapes, carrots and tomatoes. 

On Wednesday 8th June, Year 2 went to Llandundo for our History topic, 'what were seaside holidays like in the past?'

We walked along the promenade, ate lunch under trees to keep away from the seagulls, explored the pier, ate ice lollies and played on the beach with our friends. We had a great day and now we have all experienced a seaside trip!

Now Press Play - Habitats

For the start of our new science unit, 'Habitats', we have enjoyed an experience of now press play. We were aliens from a different planet trying to find somewhere new to live. We had to adapt our bodies to all the different habitats to make them suitable to live there.

Seaside Holiday Launch Day

Today we launched our new History topic – ‘Seaside Holidays’. We all dressed in our favourite holiday clothes and brought in photographs and souvenirs to help us to tell our friends all about our favourite holidays. We looked at some seaweed that Mrs Di-Miceli had collected from her recent holiday and even got to sample some chips which is a popular seaside cuisine!

Clay Sculptures 

This half term the children have been studying the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy who enjoys creating art work from natural materials. Here are the fabulous clay sculptures that the children have created! #artstm

World Book Day

Today we have dressed up as our favourite book characters to mark the 25th anniversary of world book day! We have taken part in lots of fun activities such as talking tokens, book quizzes and designing bookmarks and book covers! 

Happy St.David's Day!

Today 2W have celebrated the feast day of the Patron saint of our classroom - St. David! We have made daffodils for our families and have tried Welsh cakes! 

Defying Gravity!

Today in Science, we have been learning about Isaac Newton and the discovery of gravity. We investigated with spinners and paper clips to see if heavier objects had more or less gravity acting upon them. #sciencstm

Year group mass

Thank you to Father Paul for celebrating our first year group mass. We reflected on how we can love our neighbour. #worshipstm #catholiclifestm

Testing our inuit boats 

Today we have tested out the boats that we made last week to see if they floated. We had so much fun! #dtstm

In DT, we have planned, created, tested and evaluated inuit boats. This links in with our 'Let's go to the Arctic!' topic