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E-Safety For Parents

Parent Guides


All gaming consoles and handheld devices are equipped with parental control systems, allowing parents to protect their children’s privacy and online safety according to different settings. With these control tools, parents can: 

– select which games children are allowed to play (based on the PEGI age ratings)
– control and monitor the use of digital purchases
– limit access to internet browsing by applying a filter
– control the amount of time that children can spend playing games
– control the level of online interaction (chat) and exchange of data (text messages, user-generated content).

Click the symbol to the right to find information on finding these setting on different consoles, handhelds and smartphones/ tablets.


These age restrictions are provided for a reason and that is the safety of your children. 



Here are a series of parent guides produced by National Online Safety around the most common games and apps talked about in school. These are useful, informative and highlight the age-restrictions and associated risks. They can be used as initial talking points between parents and children so that you can discuss their use and set any guidelines to ensure their safe usage. Please check our Facebook page every Wednesday as we share a new parent guide each week. 

Most apps and games can be used fully in an engaging, fun way. However, every piece of software which uses the internet has its risks. Please take time to identify any risks your children may be exposed to.




If you believe your child is a 'gamer', think about asking the following:

  • How much time is my child dedicating to playing this at home?
  • Do I set any restrictions on the amount of time my child can play a week?
  • Is my child addicted to the game/ gaming?
  • Is my child choosing to ‘game’ over other activities such as socialising, extra-curricular clubs and spending time with the family?
  • Is my child showing signs of frustration/ aggression after playing?
  • Is my child talking to strangers during squad mode (no proof of age is required so are people who they say they are?)
  • Is my child aware of any scams which are associated with the game?
  • Has my child got a strong password?
  • Does my child know how to make a report?