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Restorative Practice Mentors

Meet The Team



Restorative Practice Mentors (RPMs) have an important role in working with school staff to support peers through moments of conflict. RPMs work with other students to help resolve problems and upsets by asking restorative questions that focus on the issue and help students to find their own solutions to a problem. RPMs do not tell students what to do or give advice; they support other students to find their own solutions. This is an important part of building problem solving skills and resilience.  

Qualities we look for in an RPM


« Kind and caring to others


« Fair and understanding – doesn’t take sides


« A good listener – lets others talk


« Can stay calm in tricky moments


« Can be trusted


« Reliable – shows up when they are needed


« Confident and friendly around younger students



The commitment we need from an RPM

All of our RPMs  take part and fully participate  in a full day’s training and they are asked  to be available to help people in younger year groups during break and lunch times. They may also be required to give up some time each week to feedback to the teacher on issues you have helped resolve.

Our RPMs in Training