St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Learning to live out our calling with compassion and love.

Prayer Bags

This year we are launching our wonderful prayer bags for children to take home each week and share in meaningful prayer and liturgies with their families.

Janetta - Year 5 (Advent)

Sofia - Year 2 (Advent)

Sydney - Year 2

Pippa - Year 3

Somdolma - Year 1 

Elizabeth - Year 4 

Florence - Year 2 

Emia - Year 2

Mason - Year 1

Ryan - Reception

Jack - Year 2

Dougie - Year 1

Liara - Year 2

Jeevan - Year 5

Year Six

Thank you to Evin and Evelyn who led their own worships at home with their families. 

Sienna - Year one 

Kylie - Year 5

Sayana and Gab - Year 5

Naomi - Year  2

Thank you to Naomi and her family who prepared a lovely worship based on the miracles of Jesus.

Jathusa - Year 2 

Thank you to Jathusa in Year 2 who has taken the prayer bag home this week and done a lovely worship dedicated to Our Lady.

Kezia, Year 6 - Queen Elizabeth 

Thank you to Kezia who has shared her beautiful liturgy with her family, remembering the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Olivia - Year 6 - In remembrance of our late majesty, Queen Elizabeth