St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Learning to live out our calling with compassion and love.

Our Team

Headteacher: Mrs D Mellor

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs L Parkinson

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs S Ravenscroft


Teaching & Learning:


Year 6H: Miss J Heath

Year 6O: Mrs S Ravenscroft (Assistant Head Teacher)
Year 6: Mr K Wyse

Year 5V: Mr J Vazquez

Year 5P: Mr M Parker

Year 4H: Mrs M Holdway 

Year 4S: Mrs E Shenton

Year 3BW: Mrs C Nixon-Ward & Mrs J Blandford

Year 3M: Mrs S Khan

Year 2L: Mrs S Lazenby

Year 2E: Mrs A Shaw

Year 1P: Mrs J Peacock

Year 1C: Mrs N Catena

Reception RB: Mrs S Brennan 

Reception RC: Miss S Carter

Nursery: Mrs D Ball

Specialist Music Teacher: Mrs C Walton


Learning Support Assistants:

Year 6: Mrs H Efori, Mrs R Jankowski & Miss A Booth

Year 5: Mrs C Alves & Mrs S Harrison


Year 4: Miss S McKay & Miss J Lowe

Year 3: Mrs C Hackney & Mrs A-M Furnival


Year 2:  Mrs N Papia & Mrs T Jones
Year 1: Mrs B Kettle, Miss M Miles & Mrs S Di-Miceli / Mrs H Beaman

Reception: Miss L Hill,  Mrs K. Heath, Mrs L Woodward & Mrs C Hitchin
Nursery: Miss N Polizos, Mrs N Sharkey & Mrs J Smith 


School Support Staff

Academy Manager: Mrs R Bettany 

Administrative Assistant: Mrs K.Beeston & Miss L. Wilkes

Family Support Worker: Mrs Pauline Whiston

SENDCo: Mrs Julia Ellerton

SEND Support: Miss H Dempsey



Site Supervisor: Mr D. Cooper
Janitor: Miss S. Doherty


Cleaning Team:

Senior Supervisor: Mrs K. Davies

Miss S. Doherty

Miss A Pawlak



Catering Team:

CaterKing Manager: Ms L. Kendrick-Bagnall

Mrs J. Olszewski

Mrs T. Taylor-Jones

Mrs E Hagos

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs S. Brayford 

Miss S. Doherty

Mrs L. Hall
Mrs J. Heath

Mrs C. Wilson

Mrs E. Woolridge

Mrs M. O'Sullivan

Mrs J. Bradbury

Mrs K. Davies


Children's Club Team:
Miss L. Hill
Mrs K. Smith
Mrs J. Walton