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Now Press Play

In English this half term, Year 3's English unit is based on the fabulous book, The Kapok Tree, which links perfectly with our Geography unit - The Rainforest. Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed visiting the virtual Rainforest using Now Press Play. During this experience, we learned about how animals and vegetation change through the layers of the canopy, how people live sustainably in the rainforest and how and why it is being destroyed. 

Young Writers

Congratulations to our published authors who entered into the Peculiar Pets poetry competition!

Hook into Learning

What a disaster! Year 5 were absolutely appalled to find 5O's classroom in this utter state this morning with no known culprit! Can they find this mischief-maker before they strike again?


English based on our own experiences

Year 6 have been researching the local landfill issue in English. We have been creating performances in groups, which we shared with the rest of the class.