St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Learning to live out our calling with compassion and love.

Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement:


A copy is sent signed by the parents; these are kept in the main school office.


“We are Learning and Growing as the Children of God”




I/We will try to:


• support my child in prayer, worship and celebrations through the Gospel values of Christ.

• see that my child attends regularly and on time, notifying the school of reasons for absence.

• ensure that family holidays are not taken in term time.

• encourage a positive attitude to school work and ensure homework is completed

• ensure my child always wears correct uniform and brings their P.E. kit when required.

• support the school’s behaviour policy.

• encourage my child to respect others and the school environment.

• attend discussions about my child’s progress and behaviour.

• inform the school about concerns I may have about my child.



School Rules


  Our school rules are based on Gospel Values and aim to:


  • Ensure good care for all the children in school, upholding our belief that every person has value.
  • To apply discipline fairly and consistently.
  • To treat everyone – staff and children with respect.
  • To make our expectations of acceptable behaviour clear to everyone
  • To help all children acquire good social and emotional literacy.
  • to promote good behaviour, rather than merely deter unacceptable behaviour


Our school believes in the practice of assertive discipline. At the heart of the principle are six school rules, these are displayed around the school and are referred to regularly. For full details please see the school’s Behaviour Policy.


We always ask ourselves:



What would Jesus do?



Be gentle                Be kind and helpful


Work hard                      Look after property


Listen to others                    Be honest