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Sports Leaders

School Target Number = 15%

Current Number = 19%


Active Class of the Week (9/7/18) - 5P! 


We now have a number of fantastic sports leaders. As well as helping out during school sporting events, they are leading activities at lunchtimes. Join them every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to help your class win the 'Active Class of the Week Award'.

School Sports Crew

School Sports Crew 1
Our school sports crew have been busy during the Summer term. They've helped to organise and run four sports days and a Football World Cup event. Keep up the good work! 
Look out for our Sports leaders' display board in the KS2 corridor. It keeps you updated with what the children are currently doing and the 'Active class of the week' winner. Our current year 6 will be leaving us shortly, so it is time for those in year 4 to start thinking about whether they'd like to be trained to be a sports leader ready for 2018/19!