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 St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Pupil Premium Report









Eligible for PP



Funding per pupil



Total Allocated




Impact of Pupil Premium spending 2015 -2016



ARE in Reading

ARE in Writing

ARE in Maths


Number PP in Year 6





PP children





At ARE in KS1





Increase in ARE from KS1





All children nationally






Impact of Pupil Premium spending 2014-2015



  Reading Writing Maths SPAG
Level 4+ 83% (87%) 87% (87%) 87% (87%) 73% (80%)

Better than expected progress

(16 points)

60% (35%) 80% (33%) 53% (35%)  
Expected progress (12 points) 73% (90%) 100% (93%) 93% (89%)  

                                 St.Mary's Pupil Premium Children  % ( All children Nationally %)



Objectives for pupil premium funding at this school 


1. The Pupil Premium will be used to provide additional educational support to improve the progress and to raise the standard of achievement for these pupils.

2. The funding will be used to narrow and close the gap between the achievement of these pupils and their peers.

3. As far as its powers allow, the school will use the additional funding to address any underlying inequalities between children eligible for Pupils Premium and others.

4. We will ensure that the additional funding reaches the pupils who need it most and that it makes a significant impact on their education and lives.


Spending 2015-2016


Pupil Premium has been targeted to support interventions that will enable those identified through data analysis to reach their individual potential.  To facilitate this, the following will be implemented:


  • Year 4 children will receive extra reading support through an additional teacher employed to run interventions and work with small groups.
  • Year 6 children will receive extra Maths support through additional TA support to run interventions and work with small groups.
  • ​Additional teacher employed in year 6 in the afternoons for booster maths and literacy sessions.
  • Funds used to run behaviour management support programmes for specific children.
  • Contribution towards staffing and resourcing our nurture group to support identified children.  
  • Purchase of interactive materials to enhance learning experiences e.g. Nessy
  • Maintain curriculum laptops for classroom use.
  • ​Tablets/laptops for individual pupil use within the classroom
  • Contribution for new Phonics/spelling programmes to accelerate improvement in reading and writing.
  • Contribution towards an accelerated reading programme including new reading books for the library across school.
  • Contributions to support educational and residential trips. 
  • Additional teacher employed in the mornings for project X reading interventions and phonics - years 2,3 and 4.

  • ​TA employed for ''Turnabout'' interventions - three afternoons a week for targeted children. Training and licence purchased to deliver this effective intervention to improve working memory and help with focus and attention

  • ​TA employed to hear individual readers daily in KS1.

  • ​Art club run after school on a weekly basis for KS1 children.

  • ​Cookery club - blocks of 5 sessions. Children and parents together.

  • ​Mentor and attendance officers working with children who have poor attendance.

  • ​Targeted Shine events/Family learning - parents working alongside their children.

  • ​Healthy Lifestyle T4S after school programme - parents and children together.

  • Golf lessons

  • ​Additional teacher employed in year 2 - Wednesday mornings to enhance literacy and numeracy for higher achievers(Autumn term)

  • Lunchtime support for individual children to reduce unwanted behaviour incidents.


Planned Spending 2016-2017


  • TA employed to hear all KS1 PP children read daily in KS1.
  • ​KS2 TAs to hear all PP children read daily
  • ​TAs employed in the afternoons in KS2 to target all PP children who are not at ARE in reading and writing. Individual sessions for 10 minutes 3 times a week.
  • Additional PP teacher employed in year 5 in the mornings to target literacy and maths
  • ​Additional PP teacher employed mornings in year 1 to work with higher ability children for literacy and maths.
  • ​Additional PP teacher employed in the afternoons for literacy and numeracy booster sessions - Spring term.
  • Nurture group and resources​ to support identified children.
  • Purchase of interactive materials to enhance learning opportunities such as Nessy reading and Nessy numbers.
  • Learning mentor and attendance officer to work with poor attenders.
  • Contributions to continue for  Educational visits and  Residential trips.
  • ​Contributions towards new phonics, maths and literacy interactive schemes - ABACUS, Phonics play and Wordsmith - to  accelerate improvement in reading, writing and maths.
  • ​Art club for KS2 children
  • ​Additional teacher for year 3 PP children - Spring term
  • ​Project X Year 3 PP children with TA 4 times a week
  • Father Hudsons Care Family Support Worker and HLTA to run 'Superskills' course aimed at building confidence, self-esteem and social skills.

The impact of the pupil premium will be measured by studying the data which is collected four times a year at regular intervals in the school’s calendar. The percentage of PP reaching ARE will increase over time if strategies are working. Teachers will meet with the Head teacher and Deputy head teacher following the data analysis where the impact of the PP strategy  will be discussed and acted on.


Date of next PP strategy review – July 2017