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Thursday 6th July

Today we had our last visit from Chef John. On the menu this week was bread making, a very sticky business. The children all enjoyed kneading their dough and are looking forward to savouring the fruits of their labours, as they have all taken their bread home to bake it and eat it.  

Chef John visited Year 4 and we all made healthy chicken wraps, they were delicious!

Mother's Day Lunch

4CH have had a great attendance record so far this year. As a reward they were given the opportunity to invite their mums into school for a special mother's day lunch. Mrs Lager put on a delicious roast which was enjoyed by all. Afterwards they retired to the ICT room, where the children had free time with their parents. They enjoyed showing off our web site and their new programming skills.

Year 4 enjoying experimenting and investigating during our Science morning.

YEAR 3 and 4 Making 'magic' dancing snakes using our science knowledge.



We had a great day on World Book Day, we all  wore our pyjamas and brought in our favourite books to share with each other. During the morning the whole class went to four different teachers to share books by Nick Sharratt and we became illustrators just like Nick.

World Book Day 2017

Adopt a School visit from Chef John Whittle

St Mary's have been selected as one of the schools  to participate in the Adopt a School programme. Executive chef John Whittle visited children in Year 4 on Tuesday 28th February. The children enjoyed learning about the areas of  the tongue where different tastes are experienced. This was a fun and exciting educational activity. We look forward to the next visit from Chef John, when we hope to be making some healthy chicken and salad wraps.       

Practical Maths linked to PE.

Empty Classroom Day

The children took part in Keep Britain Tidy's 'Empty Classroom Day'. The idea of the day is to show the children that whilst being outside they can learn and have fun. All the children enjoyed the variety of activities that they took part in.

Take a look at the children's hard work and efforts in Class.
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