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It's Science Week, Year 4 are enjoying an exciting session building Lego models that actually move! 
As part of St Mary's 80th birthday celebrations, Year4 looked at life in the 1950's. We all had fun learning how to 'rock' like Elvis!  
Class 4E made there own Digestion System. We started with a banana and chocolate sandwich, chopped it up with our 'front teeth' (knife and fork), passed it to our molars (potato masher), on to our stomach (plastic bag), added some stomach acid (vinegar), now comes the messy bit! Into a small intestine (pop sock), then out the other end, Yucky!! We loved it.  
As part of our topic learning about The Tudors and Tudor times, we made jester masks and enjoyed a very informative and creative visit to Ford Green Hall.

Year 4, all ready in their party hats to enjoy a lovely Christmas lunch. 'It's looking a lot like Christmas!'

October is the month of the Holy Rosary. We have been learning about the rosary an saying special prayers in the prayer garden.  

We are scientists!

We can make circuits and design and make our own switches.