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Breakfast Club 25th January 2019

Thank you to all of our families who came to support our monthly school Breakfast Club. An amazing turn out as always! We had lots of fun exploring ingredients to make healthy breakfast super snacks . There was lots of lovely feedback and the children especially said how yummy they were and couldn't wait to try them out at home

What an amazing turn out to our last Breakfast Club of the school year!  It was lovely to be joined by Grace Scott from Chartwells. Our families had lots of fun creating fruit smoothies by hand and using smoothie makers too. Thank you for your support and commitment to our Breakfast Club. It has been very popular this year and been a joy to work with you all.

See you all in the new school year for some new and exciting Healthy Eating Family Learning sessions.

 Have a great summer,

 Mrs Peacock

   Breakfast Club - Thursday 28th June 2018


 We had fun at Breakfast Club today making rainbow fruit skewers - just what we needed on a lovely sunny day. Thank you to all of our families who continue to support our club. It was a fantastic turn out again and I look forward to seeing you all at the next Breakfast Club on Friday 13th July where we will be joined by Grace Scott from Chartwells. She will be bringing the smoothie bike with her for you all to have a go.

        Breakfast Club - Friday 27th April, 2018


 Thank you to all of our families who attended Breakfast Club. What an amazing turn out! It was lovely seeing the children and adults having fun creating fruit sushi wraps. 

The feed back from the children was great and really does show how important it is to get a good healthy start to the school day. 

" I thought they were super. I loved the fruit and I can't wait to make them at     


" Really yummy because the fruit, yoghurt and rice crispies go well together."

" I liked choosing what you could put inside,especially the honey,it was so tasty."


See you at the next Breakfast Club on Friday 25th May 8:15-8:45 am in the school hall. 

Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour

It has been lovely working with our parents in school and getting to know them. At our workshops we have enjoyed exploring different types of parenting styles as well as identifying the root causes of children's behaviour. We have helped parents to feel more confident in their positive parenting skills . Our parents have already commented on how the course has started to help them to begin to live a more balanced ,happier family life.


Parent Feedback


"This course has been a great experience as we have developed a better understanding of child behaviour and quality family time."


 " It's been great to learn so many ideas and get some new tips on good parenting,"


" I found this course very useful, it was great to hear from other parents that they had things going on in their families similar to myself. Had some great advice on many things and the packs of information were really good to take home to review."    



              Breakfast club - 26th January 2018


Thank you to all of the families that joined me at the first Breakfast Club of 2018. What a turn out!  It was lovely sharing healthy breakfast ideas with you and having fun making delicious banana pops together. Be sure to try out different fruits at home and pop them in the freezer for a tasty, healthy treat. Hope to see you all again at the next Breakfast Club on Friday 27th April.

Mrs Peacock


                             Breakfast Club


It was lovely to see so many of our Saint Mary's families supporting the Breakfast Club on Friday 24th November.Please encourage your child to get creative with decorating and personalising their breakfast place mat. I can't wait to see the place mats in school so that I can decide on the winners. It is really important that we promote a healthy start to each and every day to help our children to be the best learners that they can possibly be.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Peacock 


                       Child Behaviour Course


Thank you to the parents who attended the four week 'Parent's Guide to Children's Behaviour Course'. It was lovely to see our parents listening to each other, sharing ideas and working together at each session to gain a better understanding of parenting styles, and how to handle children's unwanted behaviour in a positive way.  Zena and myself have really enjoyed watching our parents grow in confidence and hope you will all continue to live a happier, balanced life with your families.


    Parents Comments


 " Really enjoyed the course, I feel confident, got some good ideas which are really working     for me. I will definitely recommend the course to all."


 " Not just informative, but having ideas and stories from other parents really boosted my      confidence. I have a happier home because of it."


" Very interesting and valuable course. I picked up a lot of useful techniques . Thank you       for running the course."


" The family learning tool has helped me in so many ways to support my kids more. It has      also brought us together and the support I get from both my children at times can be      amazing. I hope we can have a happy home soon."


" Well what can I say... I have really, really enjoyed doing this course, admittedly at first I was slightly sceptical with doing other courses previously. But, come week two I made a friend and  realised I am not the only parent facing difficulties. Also, that there are other things that another parent advised which I found worked for my children. I would definitely recommend this course to other parents." 











Breakfast Club Poster Competition 


Wow, a big thank you to all of the families that entered our competition. We had over sixty fantastic entries, all promoting the importance of a healthy start to the day. Mrs Lagar and her catering team not only donated prizes but they also had the very difficult job of selecting the winners.

Well done to Yvorre  in Reception, Hayden in Year Two, Cristal in Year Four and Milly Oliver in Year Five. Your posters will be displayed on our school Breakfast trolley for everyone to see.  

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Location of the Parent Suggestion Boxes

Location of the Parent Suggestion Boxes 1
Location of the Parent Suggestion Boxes 2
Location of the Parent Suggestion Boxes 3
Location of the Parent Suggestion Boxes 4

Lots of parents have been asking me about these boxes and what they are for.

They are the Parent Suggestion Boxes Mrs Peacock has set up as part of her Family Learning Role.

They give you the opportunity to have your voice heard by writing your ideas on the Parent Suggestion slips which you can then post into these boxes.

The reply slips for our first Breakfast Club can also be placed in here - see the letter section below.

Developing Partnerships with Parents and Families


At Saint Mary’s we acknowledge that parents are the biggest influence on what children experience and achieve throughout childhood, so the more involved they are with their children’s learning at school the better.


Common to Saint Mary’s is sharing information via our website, newsletters, news boards, text, lifestyle television, daily diaries, praise badges, certificates and postcards to celebrate a child’s achievement.


We try to build relationships with Parents by inviting them into school for induction and transition meetings, services / masses, sports days, musical celebrations and concerts throughout the year.  We also encourage parents and grandparents to come into school as volunteers to support children with reading or to talk to the children to support them in their learning.  Parent consultation evenings, target setting booklets and reports also help to increase parental understanding of children’s progress as well as addressing children’s next steps in their learning.


Various strategies are in place at Saint Mary’s for engaging Parents and Families in their children’s learning and development;


  • Workshops and shine sessions are held each term, by all year groups. A Family Learning Comments book is available at each session to encourage families to write about their experience of learning with their children.
  • Information about Family Learning can be accessed on our school website. Each year group has its own section outlining workshop and shine sessions, including photographs and comments made by our parents. A display is also located in our entrance to celebrate Family Learning at Saint Mary’s. 
  • Curriculum information letters are sent home termly to support parents in their knowledge of the curriculum taught in school and ideas are given as to how parents can support children in their learning at home. A section is included for parent ideas which can be used to help inform planning for parental engagement.
  • Resources are made available to families at different times throughout the school day. Our families are able to access the school library at the end of the school day.
  • Families are invited into school at special times throughout the year (mother’s day, grandparent’s day…) to enjoy having a lunch with the children.


At Saint Mary’s we really do value our families views and ideas. We have recently purchased Parent Suggestion Boxes which are going to be located near to the News Boards on our KS1 /KS2 Outdoor areas. Please check our upcoming newsletters and take the opportunity to have your voice heard by writing your ideas on the Parent Suggestion slips which can be posted into our suggestion boxes.


Mrs Peacock

(Family Learning Co-ordinator)