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Place value challenges!

Place value challenges! 1
Place value challenges! 2

Place value challenges

Place value is important because it helps you to understand the meaning of a number. Year three 

were given a number of challenges to test their place value knowledge and they rose to the challenge!


Crib Art

Crib Art 1
Crib Art 2
Crib Art 3
Crib Art 4

St Francis of Assisi


Did you know that Saint Francis of Assisi was the first person to create the nativity scene! As a year group we looked at the different artists who have painted the nativity and compared them. Afterwards, we had a go at painting our own using our artistic skills.



Making our puppet shadows

Making our puppet shadows 1
Making our puppet shadows 2

Opaque, translucent or transparent?

Opaque, translucent or transparent? 1
Opaque, translucent or transparent? 2
Our science topic for the start of the Spring term is Lights and Shadows. The children learn't what opaque, translucent and transparent mean. Afterwards, they conducted an experiment to find out which materials are opaque, which materials are translucent and which materials are transparent. Next week, they will be using their findings to make shadow puppets with the most practical materials. 


Measuring! 1
Measuring! 2


Making Maths Fun!      (04.12.2018)


Year Three have been learning about measure. Today, they measured the length of each others bodies and they recorded their data in bar charts. Their teachers were very impressed with their AMAZING PRESENTATION!!!



Science - Rocks and Soils


As part of our science curriculum the children have been finding out about different types of rocks. We have learnt that fossils are found in sedimentary rock. The children have been making their own fossils of dinosaurs using dog biscuits!

International Language Day!

International Language Day (26.09.2018)

Today was International Language Day so Year Three have had a  fun-filled day playing french games and practising their speaking, listening and writing skills. In Year Three they start learning a new language, French. The children have learnt basic greetings, numbers 1 - 10 and basic information about themselves in French. They have also been able to play French games such as Boules and french skipping. They have really enjoyed their day and they cant wait to carry on learning their new language!


Here are some of the children's thoughts about today,

"I love learning a new language"

"I thought French would be hard but I can remember lots!"

"I was scared to speak french but now I don't"

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our Liturgy

This week in year three we started our R.E unit called Belonging. The children started  this unit by discussing what unique means and why its important to be unique. Afterwards, they listened to relaxing music and wrote positive comments about their peers. All of the children really enjoyed this and were reminded about how special they truly are.

Classifying rocks!

Rocks and Soils

In year three we learn about rocks and soils, one of our first lessons is to classify the rocks according to their physical properties. First, the children were given different samples of chocolate to classify (which they really enjoyed!) afterwards, they classified the different types of rocks. The children soon learned that every rock is different just like their samples of chocolates. Who said you cant learn anything from chocolate.... !