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The Tempest - Caliban Collages

The Tempest - Caliban Collages 1

Class 3O have been learning all about Shakespeare's The Tempest. In English, we wrote a descriptive piece about the terrible storm at the start of the play. This gave us the opportunity to use the impressive vocabulary we know as well as the sentence types. We have also studied the characters' personalities and what effect they have on the story line.

In art, we used collage materials to create pictures of our favourite character Caliban. 

Stone Age Dance and Music

Our drama

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We used different types of drums to create our Stone Age style music. Once we had decided on what story we wanted to tell, we made the music to fit. For example, when the animals were being hunted, the drumming was frantic and loud. We had fun pretending to by Stone Age people.

Re-enacting the Last Supper

Re-enacting the Last Supper 1
Re-enacting the Last Supper 2
Re-enacting the Last Supper 3

As a year group, we spent time in the Prayer Garden thinking about the last days of Jesus.

We heard a Bible reading about when Jesus shared his last meal with his best friends. Just like Him, we broke bread and shared it with our friends.

Lego Robotics Workshop

Fairground ride in action!

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Today we had a special visitor from Junior STEM. We had the opportunity to build a fairground ride out of Lego. We built our rides using pieces, attached a motor and then wrote an algorithm using the tablets to control the ride. We enjoyed following the instructions to construct our masterpieces!

80th Birthday Celebrations

Today we have been celebrating the 80th Birthday of our school, St Mary's. Because of this we've ventured into our history here in the UK and have studied different eras. Year 3 looked at the 1960s and discovered the great things that happened in this decade, from the first man venturing into space, to England winning the 1966 World Cup!


We created our own pieces of Pop Art in the style of Lichtenstein and Warhol, designed outfits from the 1960's and even made our own trifles after researching party food from this time. We also listened to the 60's music and performed our own version of 'She Loves You' by The Beatles.


We've had so much fun!

Christmas Party Hats

Christmas Party Hats 1
Christmas Party Hats 2
Look at the hats we've created for our Christmas Dinner. Class 3O decided to make them in the style of the Nativity!

Christingle Making waiting for the Christlight

Cinema Trip to see Cars 3

Today we went to the Vue cinema in Newcastle to watch a film. We really enjoyed the experience and the reclining seats were an added bonus too!

Forces - Do we have to push or pull this toy?

In year three we have been learning about the Rainforest and the animals that live within it. We thought it would be an excellent idea to ask the animal man to come and visit the children. They thoroughly enjoyed it! They learnt lots of amazing facts about each and every animal as well as getting the chance to handle and stroke them.

Here are some of the comments the children made,

" My favourite animal was the Pacman frog, I loved the colours of its eyes"

"This has been the best day ever!"

"I am so glad I held a snake as now I'm not scared of them!"


Children enjoyed time in the chapel learning all about the Sacrament of Baptism. Mrs Kemball explained all of the steps to us and then we got to practise ourselves with small dolls. We now know that this is the first of many Sacraments that help us to get closer to God.

We will shortly upload some videos to show you their amazing French speaking skills......

Our First French Lesson

Our First French Lesson 1
Our First French Lesson 2
Our First French Lesson 3


In year 3 the children get to have the experience of learning another language, French. We had our first lesson today and we learnt how to greet each other in French. The children really enjoyed practising their French! Why don't you ask them to show you  at home?


Drama 1
Drama 2
Over the next few weeks 3S are going to be learning all about Fantastic Mr Fox and what he gets up to. So the children could be more involved in this story they re-enacted the first three chapters adopting the roles of the three farmers and Mr Fox. It was such a great show!