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1C conducting a scientific investigation through planting broad beans and cress.

To continue our plants topic in science, we decided to conduct an investigation to see what the best conditions are for plants to grow in. We planted broad bean seeds in soil and cress seeds in damp cotton wool. We predicted that the soil would cause the best growth because it contained nutrients. 

Tamworth Castle


We had a fantastic time at the castle. We were trained to become squires, had the opportunity to dress up in lots of different outfits, trained as servants for the angry Lord, and even ended up in the stocks in the dungeon!

1C's introduction to the plants topic through plant dissection.

1K's dissection to discover the parts of a plant!

Minibeast Hunt!

1K enjoying the new Fitness Trail!

1C Science morning for British Science Week.

We had a fantastic morning celebrating British Science Week. We enjoyed taking part in four different science experiments all themed around discovery and exploration. 
Today was Science Morning! We had a carousel of activities to do. We started off by exploring magnets and making a racing track using paper clips and magnets. We then discovered what happens when we mix milk, food colouring and washing up liquid. Next we made volcanoes using food colouring and bi-carbonate of soda, and finally, our challenge was to make a circuit using a bulb, wires and a battery! We had a fabulous morning!

1C Lego Workshop

In 1K we looked at Andy Warhol and painted our own 'Pop Art' handprint painting. We then had a dance to some 80's music and watched 80's cartoons. After that we designed our own 80's clothing and then at the end of the day we ate some Arctic Roll, which was an 80's delicacy!

World Book Day

The Power of Prayer - Skittles experiment!

In this activity, each skittle represents a different prayer. Colour is released from the skittles when warm water is poured on them. This symbolises how all our prayers join together so God can make an impact on the whole world. 

Red = a sorry prayer

Purple = a prayer for the sick

Green = a prayer for the world

Orange = a thank you prayer

Yellow = a prayer for the church.

Star Prayers

KS1 Indoor Sports

KS1 Indoor Sports 1

Building 3D shapes using marshmellows and spaghetti

Discovering secondary colours

Year 1 Mass

On Thursday 23rd November we had our class Mass in the Chapel. Mrs Kemball led it and we learnt about how Jesus leads us and looks after us, the same as shepherds look after their sheep. We had fantastic readings from Holly, Adam and Freya. 

Maths measuring lesson

In celebration of the film festival, Year 1 were given the opportunity to visit the cinema! We were fortunate enough to watch Despicable Me 3, which was great fun!

Learning the Our Father

Mrs Kemball came into our class to help us learn and remember the Our Father. She brought with her a box of objects to help us remember the order of the prayer. We enjoyed making up actions for the different parts of the prayer. 

Learning about the Rosary.

We were invited to the Chapel to learn about the Rosary. Mrs Kemball discussed the various prayers said with each of the beads of the Rosary and its relevance in daily life. The children participated with the prayers and learned new prayers to use in class and during Mass. 

Nature Afternoon!

On Monday 16th October we discussed different habitats where animals live outside. We then went outside and used natural resources that we found to make homes for animals we may find in the school grounds. Due to the hurricane, we found our leaves and twigs kept flying away, so we pulled all forces together in the class and made one giant nest! We had some children protecting the nest from the wind, whilst other children carried on collecting twigs and leaves. We even found a snail who swiftly moved into our nest! We were very excited that our nest was already being used!

Introducing adjectives using our senses

Introducing adjectives using our senses 1
On Wednesday  11th January we were given a variety of food. We then had to use our senses to think of a variety of adjectives to describe the different food. Our favourite part was when we were allowed to taste the food!

Brighten Up Day for CAFOD





On Friday we took part in Brighten Up Day for CAFOD. Earlier in the week, we attended an assembly taken by a representative from CAFOD explaining where the money raised would go to. It was lovely to see them participate in such bright colours for such an important cause. The children and the staff looked fantastic. 


Blessed Sacrament Festival

Blessed Sacrament Festival 1
Blessed Sacrament Festival 2
Blessed Sacrament Festival 3
Blessed Sacrament Festival 4
On Wednesday the children were asked to bring in flowers. This was for the Blessed Sacrament Festival on Thursday. We were invited to the Chapel on Thursday with Mrs Kemball where we reflected on Jesus and His love for us. 
We enjoyed a fun filled day to Stockley Farm in September. Whilst there we experienced encountering different farm animals as well as taking part in a nature walk. We were also luck enough to experience a calf being born. The staff were very informative and gave the children an opportunity to name the calf. We decided to name it Francis after St Francis who is the patron saint of animals.