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Year 1 Topic: Creating a biscuit castle.

Year 1 Wild Flower Hunt

Science in 1K

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KS1 Science Morning


During our science morning, the children in KS1 participated in lots of different experiments. The theme of British Science week is change and this was the theme that we focused on during the morning. The children had great fun in taking part in the different experiments and learned about different scientific changes. 


Lego Workshop


We were very lucky to have a visit from Junior Stem. The children were provided with the opportunity to construct Lego models and program them using laptops. Everyone had a great time!

World Book Day


On Thursday we celebrated world book day by looking at the author Nick Sharratt. We visited different classrooms and completed exciting activities based upon the books he had written. A fun day was had by all. 



Ash Wednesday 


On Wednesday we were invited to celebrate Ash Wednesday with Mrs Kembal and Mrs Davies. The children were taught about the way we look at aspects of our lives and the importance of celebrating Ash Wednesday with ashes on our heads. 


Making a Rain Gauge


The next task in our science topic was to think of a way to try and monitor an aspect of the weather over the changing seasons. We decided to make a rain gauge to monitor the different amounts of rainfall in the different seasons. The children would them measure the rainfall and record this in their books to show the changes. We discussed the best place to locate the rain gauges and how often to measure them. They had great fun making the rain gauges and predicting how much rain they thought we would get.



Investigating the weather and changing seasons. 


In Year 1 the current science topic is the weather and seasonal changes. We went on a nature walk around the school grounds to see what differences we can spot from our nature walk in Autumn. The children used their science books to sketch different plants and animals that we could see. We introduced the terms deciduous and evergreen to describe the surrounding trees and bushes. The children enjoyed providing their ideas about the lack of animals in the area and their predictions of what might change in Spring. 



Liturgy Session in the Chapel


Both Year 1 classes were invited to a Liturgy session in the Chapel with Mrs Kemball. We discussed how we can make the world a better place with prayer and the various different ways we can pray. It provided the children with ideas to take ownership of their prayers within school and at home. 


Our Christmas play

Our Christingle celebration. 


This week year 3 children were challenged with the task of preparing a Christingle lesson for KS1. The children had prepared some informative posters and planned the session to teach the children what Christingle is about. The year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we learned a lot about the significance of Christingle. 


An Autumn walk in the playground. 


In our English work, we have been looking at a non-fiction text about nature. In preparation of writing a page for our own nature diary, we went on a nature walk around the playground. We managed to spot lots of different things including bird nests, a stream and a bird box. 

The Blessed Sacrament Festival


All the children took part in the Blessed Sacrament Festival. They were each asked to bring in some flowers for the altar. It was a truly special occasion.


Stockley Farm 2016


Year 1 had a fun filled day out to Stockley Farm where we participated  and experienced many different activities that the farm had to offer. We met a variety of animals and understood the daily routines of a farmer. We visited the milking sheds and learned about the processes of milking a cow and how the milk goes from the farm to the shops. A great day was had by all and we even had beautiful sunshine all day. 

Empty Classroom Day

The children took part in Keep Britain Tidy's 'Empty Classroom Day'. The idea of the day is to show the children that whilst being outside they can learn and have fun. All the children enjoyed the variety of activities that they took part in.

Celebrating the Start of Euro 2016 and the Queen' s 90th Birthday


The children had a great time on Friday. They took part in a penalty shoot out - with Mrs Shenton being the goal keeper! The house point teams became some of the different countries involved in the tournament.


After break the children participated in activities linked to the Queen's birthday. At dinner time they all wore their crowns and celebrated with a fish and chip picnic.

Tamworth Castle Trip

Year 1 visited Tamworth Castle to experience what it would be like to live in medieval times.

The children had a tour around the castle and they got to try on the armour. Some of them even got to visit the dungeon! We met the Lord of the castle and his servant. We found out that the salt was so special in those times that the servants had to curtsey to it and were not allowed to turn there back on it. The last workshop the children were trained to be a squire. They were shown how important it was to look after the knoghts armour and were trained how to use the bardiche - a medieval weapon.

Displays in Year 1

These are some of the displays in Year 1 currently.



As part of our Science work on the seasons the children found out about shadows. These pictures were created using silhouttes of the children.


Frozen Planet

The children found out the polar regions in the world. They were taught about the climate, the people and the different types of animals that would live there.


CAFOD Display


This display shows how important water is to us. The children wrote poems about the rain.



We created these sunset pictures by blending chalks and then we made a castle silhoutte.


The children took part in a fun sports morning. They took part in their house point teams and entered into various races.

Investigating Shadows

The children went outside to investigate shadows. They explored making shadow animals with their hands.

As part of British Science week the children in Year 1 took part in a Science workshop run by the Mad Science Company.

The children found out what it was like to be a scientist. They were given gloves and goggles to wear. Each of the children then went on to make slime. They really enjoyed the workshop and were eager to participate.

Year of Mercy Workshop

Children in Year One have found out about the Year of Mercy, through a workshop led by Mrs Kemball. The children listened carefully to the explanation of what the Year of Mercy symbol means.

Displays in Year 1


On the Farm

The children visited the Stockley Farm as part of the farm topic that we study.


Dogger by Shirley Hughes


The children enjoyed the Dogger story as they could identify with losing a very special toy.

Rosary Workshop


As October was the month of Mary, we all participated in a Rosary workshop.