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Sports Premium Funding


Sports Premium Spending 2016/2017 (£9,645)





Intra school events (Indoor sports day, Summer sports day, Maths/sport event).

Prizes and necessary equipment - £500

Children provided with more opportunities to take part in physical activity and compete together as a team/house.

Sports leader flash badges


Provide children with the opportunity to lead PE within school.

New football kit


Partially funded

Encouraging the children to take pride in representing their school and a team kit.

PE Kit


Providing kit for those children who cannot afford it. Allowing them to participate as any other child would.

Improve playground facilities/equipment


Children able to use games at playtime and more visible netball, rounders, football markings.

Provide children with opportunities to experience non- mainstream sports (Archery, Golf)

Specialist coaches - £1000

A greater variety of sports and physical activities experienced by more children. School more competitive in competitions.

Provide opportunities for children from Y3/4 to compete in competitive events. Increase from 2 to 3. (Rugby, Tennis and football)


Specialist coaches prior to event - £1000

A greater variety of sports and physical activities experienced by more children. School more competitive in competitions.

Increase number of after-school clubs available to children.

Funding for pupil premium children to attend - £500

Children to enjoy the sessions and be inspired to participate in school sports events.

Ensure staff have the opportunity for CPD


Raising standards through the development of staff and the provision they give to the children.

Minibus hire


More children able to attend a greater number of events – helping the school move towards ‘Gold Kitemark’ status.





Physical Education at St. Mary’s has developed greatly over the last academic year. There has been a significant increase in pupil engagement and participation in both competitive and extra-curricular events. There have been a number of whole Key Stage events: Indoor sports day, Summer sports day, Maths and PE day. The impact of improved provision - in particular after school clubs - is shown by the number of events that the school has won this year; this includes being crowned as the county Golf champions. The developments made in PE were acknowledged in the OFSTED report which stated, ‘The primary physical education and sport premium is spent very well. Specialist teachers have been brought in to deliver high-quality physical education lessons. Additionally, pupils have benefited from access to a wide variety of after-school clubs, competitive events and special activities. As a result, increasingly more pupils participate in a wider range of sports’.



Athletics Boys’ 200m Newcastle Final – Second Place

Athletics Girls’ 200m Newcastle Final – Champion

Athletics Girls’ Throw Newcastle Final – Third Place

Athletics Boys’ Throw Newcastle Final – Champion

Athletics Boys’ High Jump Newcastle Final – Second Place

Athletics Girls’ High Jump Newcastle Final – Third Place

Athletics Girls’ 80m Sprint Newcastle Final – Third Place

Athletics Boys’ Skip Newcastle Final – Third Place

Football year 4/5 Boys’ League Champions

Football Year 5/6 Boys’ League Runners up

Football Year 5/6 Boys’ Cup Runners up

Football Year 5/6 Boys’ Premier Sports Cup Semi-Finalists

Cricket Year 5/6 Girls’ Event Runners up

Golf Year 5/6 Mixed Newcastle Champions

Golf Year 5/6 Mixed Staffordshire County Champions

Netball Year 5/6 Mixed League Third Place (behind NUL and Edenhurst)

Netball Year 5/6 Mixed Premier Sports Cup Champions


Sports Premium Spending 2015/2016 (£9,620)


  • £1100 – Inflatable assault course for a start of year PE Day. All children were physically active and the day was used to inspire a love of learning through PE.

  • £1000 – New football goalposts for the playground – Improving the equipment and the area in which the children play on a daily basis.

  • £1500 – New equipment – Improving PE provision and the equipment which the children have the opportunity to use.

  • £400 – Golf Lessons – Pupil premium children received golf lessons paid for by the school – encouraging children to participate in a sport which can be exclusive due to financial reasons.

  • £600 – Tickets and transport to watch an international Netball fixture between England and Australia – inspiring a love of sport through attendance. Providing some children with their first experience of live sport.

  • £3200 – Sports specialist – Organised intra-academy events. Increased participation – all children involved in whole school events. CPD opportunities were provided for staff.

  • £500 - Prizes for PE Day events e.g. Indoor sports day, Euro 2016 inter-house tournament

  • £500 transport to fixtures – increased the number of level 2 or 3 events attended to 25.

  • £600 – Archery specialist – children were provided with lessons in Archery – opportunity to experience a new sport. The school went on to win the Newcastle Cup and a Year 4 child from our school won ‘Best at the event.’ (He had never tried Archery previously).

  • £100 – Shin pads and socks – purchased for children who didn’t own any/couldn’t afford to buy them prior to a sports fixture.

  • £100 – New PE kit for pupil premium children who required it.

  • All of the above helped raise standards and participation across the school. In recognition of this fact, St. Mary’s have been awarded with the Silver Kitemark award. This is awarded to schools who meet the necessary criteria in terms of provision and participation. More information regarding this is available under the ‘Silver Kitemark’ tab.




As well as increasing participation across the whole school, it was also a great year in terms of results. This was no doubt helped by some of the coaching and specialist support paid for by the funding.



  • Year 5/6 Football Cup winners – Area round (Boys)

  • Year 5/6 Football Cup winners – Area round (Girls)

  • Year 4 Intra-academy Football B team winners (Mixed)

  • Year 4 Archery winners (Mixed)

  • Year 5/6 Tri Golf (Mixed) - Newcastle Town Champions, 4th in the county

  • Year 5/6 Table Tennis League 2nd place (Mixed)

  • Year 5/6 Netball League 2nd place (Mixed)

  • Year 5/6 Football League 2nd place (Girls)

  • Year 4 Intra-academy Football A team 2nd place (Mixed)