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Free School Meal Provision during School Closure

Sunday 22nd March 2020

COVID-19 Update - Free School Meals

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope that you are well and staying safe. On Friday I mentioned in the latest school letter that I would update you on the free school meal provision during the closure of the school. I have received confirmation from Chartwell Caterers that they will be providing food for children who are registered with us as Free School Meals children (this does not include children entitled to Universal Free school meals). Chartwell Caterers plan to provide a hamper which contains provisions to last for a whole school week.

Currently Chartwell Caterers aim to deliver the first hampers to the school by Monday 23rd of March but realistically the hampers are likely to arrive at school on Tuesday 24th of March. The following weeks the hampers will arrive each Monday. WE WILL DELIVER YOUR HAMPER TO YOUR REGISTERED HOME ADDRESS. We will contact you via text to notify you of the deliver day (apart from this week we aim for the delivery day to be Monday). On arrival at your home please only one person collect from the delivery person and identify your relation to the registered child. If on delivery no one responds on our arrival we will return you hamper to the school and contact you to inform you of how to then receive your hamper. We ask for your patience in the delivery of the hampers as we do not have the infra structure to provide allotted delivery slot times only an allotted day.

Children who will be attending school as they are the child of a key work or identified as vulnerable and are unable to be looked after at home will all receive a school meal whilst at school.

We will keep you up to date with any new information as soon as we receive any.

Many thanks for your patience and support.

Mrs Mellor