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In the Foundation Stage, we like to establish good routines for you and your child completing activities together to complement those done in school.


Foundation Stage 2 (Reception)


Each child has a Learning Journey target book for both school and home to contribute to.  This target book will be updated in school every half term and it stays in your child's book bag so you can work together on their next steps in learning.  We would also encourage you to help your child fill in their 'Look what I can do' book each week to share in school, using ideas from the target book.


Each child also has a reading diary to record any reading that takes place at home or in school with the home reading books.  Research has shown that parents who listen to their child read at home are providing a good foundation for learning and children who read regularly at home tend to make more progress in school.  Please make sure you write in the diary when your child reads at home.


Spellings are also sent home weekly from the Spring term onwards to link with phonics, reading and writing in school.