St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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The children are required to read to an adult at home every night in the week and at least once over the weekend. The adult, who listens to a child read, should then sign their reading diary to acknowledge that they have heard them read. 


Children who do not have their reading diary signed will stay in at lunch time that day and will be listened to read by a member

of staff.


Each classroom has a reading chart on which the children will move their names everyday to show how many times they've read each week. The children are aiming to reading six times a week. The children who consistently read six times a week, will be rewarded at the end of the half term.


It is VERY important that the children are reading regularly to develop their fluency and comprehension. Also, it is invaluable in developing their vocabulary to strengthen their writing.


We appreciate your cooperation with this matter.

English & Maths

The children will be given weekly homework, including Maths, spellings and English tasks. A proportion of this homework will be online based. Please speak to your child's class teacher if this is a problem. Homework will be given out on a Friday and due in the following Friday.


Maths homework will be set online - My Maths. Each child has their own individual log in. Completion and understanding of this homework is closely monitored by the class teacher.


Completion and understanding of this homework is closely monitored by the class teacher.


In addition to their weekly spellings, the children will be required to learn spellings taken from the year 6 national curriculum word list. This list is broken down into approximately 25 spellings per half term. The children are tested on these spellings at the beginning and end of each half term. 

These are the words that the government expect a 10/11 year old to know by the end of the school year.

The children are given approximately 15 spellings to learn each week. These spellings  are in adherence to the year 6 national curriculum objectives. The spellings will be given out on a Tuesday and spelling tests will take place on the following Monday.

The children will learn a new spelling rule every Tuesday.