St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Homework in Year 3


Homework is a very important part of Year 3 life. To ensure the children make the most progress they can, we set homework on a weekly basis. The work set will always reflect the work covered in school and so the children will be able to independently complete this, but parental support is always helpful.


Maths Homework

Your child will receive maths homework weekly on a Friday afternoon. This homework will be to contribute to the year group battle on Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS). Each Friday we will monitor which class is winning the most points and rewards will be given out. Certificates will also go to the children who login and practise regularly!


Spelling Homework
Your child will also receive spellings on a Friday afternoon. They will be tested a week later. We really encourage the children to practice their spellings, and look words up if the children are struggling. This can be done independently at home - all that is needed is a piece of paper and a pen.



Reading Homework
Children are expected to take home their reading book and diary on a daily basis. They must bring their reading diary to school every day. Parents must also sign diaries at home to show that their child is reading. The minimum expectation is that children in Year 5 read 5 times a week. There will be a reward at the end of the term for children who have achieved this every week.


Thank you for your continuing support