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A huge thank you to Newcastle under Lyme college for the wonderful learning experiences that you have given to our Reception children during our visits to the college. We very much appreciate all of the students hard work and commitment. It was a lovely surprise to receive the beautiful flowers and thank you cards for the children and staff today.We look forward to working with you at school later on in the summer term. Thank you!

The countdown is on to Walk to School Week...

The 5 day walking challenge will be taking place daily next week on KS1 & KS2 playgrounds from 8.40am - 8.50am.

Join the 1000's of schools taking part in the initiative and feel the benefits of walking as well as reducing traffic congestion and pollution.

We would love you to come and join us walking around the playgrounds. You can even try our delicious breakfast bagels too!

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Breakfast Bagels

The Breakfast bagels are proving to be really popular with our children. They can't wait to get to school each day to enjoy a delicious fresh bagel with their class mates. We have been trying them plain and with low fat spreads for a healthy start to the school day. The children are enjoying this calm, gentle start to the school day as well as being physically and emotionally equipped meaning they are ready to learn. 

Early Years Opening Morning

Many thanks to all the families who came to look around our school and see all the lovely activities and fun we have in Reception. We hope to see you all in September!


The school council have designed a St Mary’s themed Christmas Tree for the Newcastle Under Lyme BID tree festival at St Giles church. The tree can be seen in church along with other businesses and groups from the local area. What a fantastic idea to decorate the tree with photos of our school...Happy Christmas from the school council!
Monday 12th November, 2018 marks the start of National Anti Bullying week. Mrs Eyre & the MAC School Councillors delivered the important message of RESPECT behind this year’s campaign with an assembly to the whole school this morning. The work was part of our collaboration with the other schools in our MAC. 

Thank you everyone!

Look what we raised for the Macmillan Coffee Morning Charity Event...

Your help and support are greatly appreciated. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning and Breakfast Club

Friday 28th September, 2018

We started off the Autumn Term with our first breakfast club at 8.15 - 8.45am. We also sold cakes to raise money for the Macmillan Coffee Morning. Thank you to everyone who came along to support the event. The cakes were delicious!


Community Awareness day on Thursday 28th June, 2018 saw groups of our children involved in community activities in the local area. The 'Town centre get together' had a real community spirit for all involved. Aspire housing, Approach dementia centre and the council all helped link the community together. 


Walk to school week

Monday 21st May - Friday 28th May


Stoke City Assembly

The children in key stage two had a great time on Friday taking part in our Maths & PE Day. They participated in their house teams completing seven different stations which consisted of both mathematical and sporting elements. The winning house will be announced in assembly this week.


Drama Club Performance

Today we were treated to a performance of 'Olivia' based on the Oliver story. 

All of the young actors were word perfect with excellent timing and stage presence .  The children clearly enjoyed performing on the stage, and the audience, teachers and pupils from Key Stage were impressed by the level of acting skills on display by all of the children. A big thank you and well done is deserved by Miss Gotham who runs the Drama Club each week. She is always on the look out for new members. We may have the next  Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe treading the boards at St Mary's.

The General Election 2017

On Thursday 8th June, the children of St Mary's took part in their own General Election. In the run up to the election all classes in KS2 learnt about what an election actually is and who in the country can vote. They studied the political party manifestos and debated on which party they wanted to vote for.

On Tuesday the school was visited by the MP for Newcastle, Paul Farrelly. He explained how governments are formed and what parties do to campaign for public votes. The assembly ended with a 'Question Time'. The children asked insightful questions such as:

"If you were elected, what would you do for our school in particular?"
"Do you disagree with anything Jeremy Corbyn believes?"

"What emotions will you have if you win your seat?"

On the actual voting day, all children were giving the opportunity to cast their vote in our St Mary's polling station. The children thoroughly enjoyed the week learning more about how our country is run. 

Eco Morning at Keele

Eco Morning, Keele University

Four members of our Gardening Club enjoyed a fantastic morning at the Sustainability Hub, Keele University. They enjoyed a range of activities, and learnt a great deal about how we can be good 'caretakers' of our world. We are hoping to be invited again next year, and we are grateful to Newcastle Borough Council for including a school in this important and enjoyable event.


Mother's Day Lunch

4CH have had a great attendance record so far this year. As a reward they were given the opportunity to invite their mums into school for a special mother's day lunch. Mrs Lager put on a delicious roast which was enjoyed by all. Afterwards they retired to the ICT room, where the children had free time with their parents. They enjoyed showing off our web site and their new programming skills.

Walk for Nature

St Mary's Gardening Club managed to complete twenty laps of our school playground, in our sponsored walk for nature. Some were faster than others, but this was a great achievement by all those involved. The playground is a lot bigger than it looks! Thank you to all our generous sponsors, your support is much appreciated.

World Book Day 2017 - Read And Ride In

Thank you to all staff, parents and children who made the after school Ride and Read Session such a success. It was a lovely social occasion for all. A special mention to all the readers and actors, Mrs Peacock, Mr Bridgewater, Miss Sims, Mrs Kemball, Mrs Ball, Miss Jones, Mrs Walton and Mr Wyse, who gave up their time to entertain us all. Well done to all the children on their car designs, they certainly had lots of fun creating them in school for the competition. There were also some very impressive cars made at home by some very talented parents. Please take a look at the class pages to see what else the children experienced during World Book Day.


"Midwinter Musical Evening" at the Repertory Theatre Stoke.

This week the Upper School Choir participated in a "Midwinter Musical Evening" featuring songs from a variety of musicals at the Repertory Theatre Stoke.

They had been invited to take part by the M.Y. Inter-Theatre Company's directors Steve Mitchell and Jill Young. The Upper School first worked with this group, for adults who have physical and/or learning difficulties, in the summer term for a show at the Victoria Hall Hanley which was based on the soundtrack of the BAFTA award winning BBC film "Marvellous"-a portrayal of the life of local celebrity Neil Baldwin.

Steve and Jill had been into St. Mary’s twice to rehearse with our choir. There were ten songs, a dance and some acting for them to learn! They performed alongside the Inter-Theatre group who had rehearsed the same material as we had. On the day they had the whole afternoon to practise on the stage together. The children had three costume changes during the show and moved to and from the theatre seats several times. They had to adopt different positions for the various song sets, including holding various frozen poses for one song. 

The children were given the opportunity to talk to members of the other group and ate their packed tea with them in the cafe area of the foyer. Our back-stage room was up two flights of metal stairs and the choir learned how to be professional and move about the theatre and stage quietly. The choir were rehearsing and performing from 1:30 until 9:00pm and had an extremely educating and enriching experience. A huge thank you to Mrs. Walton and the M.Y Inter –Theatre Company for providing this opportunity for our children.

Christmas Assembly

Christmas Carol Concert 2016 at Holy Trinity

The KS2 Christmas Carol Concert at Holy Trinity continues to be a tradition we are extremely proud of at St. Mary's. Each year it brings a smile to many faces and a calm awareness of the real meaning of Christmas.

Year 5 children and their teachers did a very professional tableau of the Christmas story. This, combined with the wonderful singing from our children and their relatives, made for a very memorable service.

A special thank you to our dedicated music teacher, Mrs Walton, as well as upper school choir and our ever growing orchestra. 

New books for the school library 2016.

Thank you to all the families who supported the book fair. Our school target was £500 and our total book sales reached a phenomenal £803.40! This means we have received £482 worth of free books for our school library and we have earned a half-price book fair next time it comes.  Well done everybody!  Keep reading!

Remembrance Day Assembly 2016

A chance meeting at a Poppy Stall led to a very memorable Remembrance Assembly on Friday 11th November. When buying poppies for our school prayer tables Mrs Oxley found out some interesting facts from the couple who were selling the poppies. It turned out that Paul went to St. Mary’s; as did his step brother Joe and they had a very special link to the memorial cross at Holy Trinity, the subject of the assembly. Joe’s brother was Thomas Riley and he died serving his country in World War 2. His name is on the memorial cross outside Holy Trinity as he was part of our congregation. As there was this close link to our Catholic Community Paul, Sue and Joe were invited into school for the Remembrance assembly. The children were very touched by the fact that relatives of one of our fallen heroes attended the school’s assembly. It made it very real for them and hopefully meant that they understood a little more about the reason why we hold a two minute silence. Please have a look at our PowerPoint assembly, maybe the name of someone you remember appears on there.

Holy Trinity Annual Blessed Sacrament Festival Thursday 29th September 2016.

You may be aware that every year Holy Trinity Church holds a Blessed Sacrament Festival during the first weekend of October. It is a time when the Blessed Sacrament (The Body of Christ present in the form of Bread) is placed on the altar for a time of prayer and blessing. This is known as Adoration. It is a time of great stillness and beauty. During Adoration, we "watch and wait". It has been described as, "God and Man reaching out for each other, at the same time."

Thank-you so much to all families and friends who contributed flowers to decorate the altar. As you can see, the result of your generosity was stunning. They made a very fitting display of our love for the Lord, present in His sacrament. We hope that the "Oohs" an "Ahhs" of the children will grow into treasured memories.

Many thanks too to the many parents who joined us at Mass on Thursday morning. 

Each Year group had their own special time of reflection and worship with the Blessed Sacrament then, at the end of the day Years 5 and 6 shared a special service of blessing during which they sang the ancient prayer "Tantum ergo" which they had learned in Latin for that occasion. Well done to them!

On Friday, the flowers were taken in their beautifully decorated buckets to the Sisters at Coolock and St Bernard's Convent, to the elderly Care Homes: Rowan Court , St Quentin's , Hempstall's Hall , Lyme Valley House and Church Terrace and also some were taken to St Teresa's for their Blessed Sacrament Festival.

NULC Small Employer Of The Year Award 2016.

Pupil Award Winners 2015-2016

Smile Award Winners for KS2 and KS1 in 2015-2016

Science Award Winner KS1 for the school year 2015-21016 donated by Mrs Wilshaw who retired this year.

400th Anniversary of the martyrdom of Blessed Thomas Maxfield-Blessed Sacrament Procession

Thomas Maxfield came from North Staffordshire and was called to the priesthood over 400 years ago. At that time to be ordained and to serve as a Priest carried the risk of torture, imprisonment and a painful death. Fr. Thomas could not deny his love of the Lord present in the Sacraments of the Church and so was martyred for our faith. His body was rescued and revered by the Spanish community and eventually a relic (a piece of his arm bone) was brought back to North Staffordshire and resides in the Martyrs Chapel at the back of Holy Trinity Church.                                              Friday 1st July was the Anniversary of his martyrdom which was marked by a glorious, prayerful Mass attended by both his Grace Archbishop Bernard and the Spanish Ambassador who had driven up from London especially to be present.  David  and Joanne from year 6 represented our school.   

On Sunday afternoon we joined in Blessed Thomas’s witness to the faith in a small way by holding a procession of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Children in Year Six, as part of their preparation for Confirmation had made “Containers of the Holy Spirit” in the form of tea light holders. Just as the Holy Spirit cannot be contained but spills out for all to share in, so the lights which lead the procession spilled out for the people along the procession route to see.  The children in Year Three who received Holy Communion (for the first of many times) expressed their love for the Blessed Sacrament by strewing the path with flower petals.

We ended with a short time of Adoration and a Blessing on the bowling green.                           

  Reception Family Fitness Club

Our families are having great fun as well as getting fit with their children in our school hall  on Mondays after school.  The Family Fitness club is proving to be a real hit with both parents and children alike . As well as enjoying the sessions it's lovely to talk to parents and listen to how they are using some of the activities at home to encourage them to be more physically active with their children. 

Scholastic Book Club

England v Wales - Fantastic football fun!

School Library Refurbishment

Over the past few months, a major refurbishment has gone on in the school library. We have spent thousands of pounds on new books chosen by the children themselves. New furniture has also been bought for the library to make it more child friendly and cosy. We have new librarians who come into school during lunchtimes to help the KS2 children to choose and change books. The children lower down the school visit the library in groups with their TA's. Please encourage your children to look after their library books and to change them on a regular basis. The children have had an assembly to celebrate the reopening of the library and have taken part in book based competitions throughout the week. Feel free to come in and have a look if you wish.


Schoolastic books will be visiting school again in June. A text will go out soon to confirm dates.

Library Refurbishment

Mrs Joynson ran a very enjoyable and successful art club during the Spring term for children in KS1. We have some very talented artists at St. Marys, as you can see from their amazing art work. It was great to see so many parents at the Art Gallery Event - the children loved showing off their creations.

Come cook with me

Some of our year three children have begun their fun and delicious cookery sessions with their parents this week.

Archery at St. Mary's.

Children in years 3 and 4 enjoyed a session of archery this week. We were keen to discovered any talented archers in our school.  Plans are in place to set up an after school club for all those who showed promise in this area. Eventually six children will be chosen to enter an archery competition. From what I observed, there will be stiff competition for places as there was some great archery going on. I wonder if you were inspired by our theatre trip to see Robin Hood?

Dougie Mac Thank You Assembly

Dougie the Sunflower came to visit the children to say a huge hank you to the choir members who sang at the Britannia Stadium at Christmas.

New Vic Theatre visit to see Robin Hood

KS2 had a brisk and healthy walk to and from the New Vic Theatre. It was great to see them all out and about looking so smart, happy and full of chatter. They were all extremely well behaved and great ambassadors for our school. The show was brilliant and is sure to add to their creative use of language. It was a pleasure to watch them so engrossed in the production which really was a worthwhile trip, enjoyed by staff and children alike!

St.Mary's table tennis team

We now have a year 6 table tennis club that runs on Friday from 3:15 until 4:15. After just one session we selected a team to play in their first competition. They played well and were great sportsmen, fighting for every point in some thrilling matches. We made links with two of the  primary schools in the competition, who also have table tennis clubs, and hope to invite both schools to compete against us this year. 


New lunchtime ''play equipment'' benches.

Thanks to the PTFA for providing each year group in KS2with  a play equipment bench. The playground is now split into a lower and upper area and the children have a bench full of items to keep them occupied during their lunchtimes. It is lovely to see them having so much fun and playing so nicely together.

Our Christmas Assembly

We wish you all a very happy and holy Christmas.

Christmas Lunch 2015

Yet again Mrs Lagar and her team did an amazing job of cooking Christmas dinner for the majority of the school! It was a lovely festive occasion which the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed - carols, crackers and laughter.

Drama club production

Miss Gotham and her Drama Club team put on an excellent show to demonstrated the talent that is Saint Mary's. The tomatoes or peas production was great. If you are interested in drama, the club runs on a Wednesday after school for years 3 to 6.

Christmas plays and concerts

The Christmas plays and concerts this year were wonderful occasions. Thank you for all you lovely positive comments and continuing support. 

Christmas 2015

December is here and Miss Sims has yet again done our children proud with her Christmas decorations in the school foyer. It certainly is a joy to see their faces as they go by.

Our Year of Mercy doors

AMORES final event in Croatia

At Saint Mary's we always encourage a love of reading. Over the last year we have been involved in a European Reading Program - AMORES. The project's final event was held in Croatia, four children went there to represent our school and talk about their experiences. They did exceptionally well and we were very proud of the comments we received from the other countries about how well they conducted themselves and how well they spoke. Well done.

Our new Catholic Pupil Profile board

The Catholic Pupil Profile  shows the virtues we will be focussing on in the coming year. The tree is symbolic of the growth of the virtues. Within its branches comfortably resting is the goldfinch which has been used in art since medieval times to symbolise Christ and the Passion. In the profile are eight sets of words which have been paired together because of their complementary and harmonising relationship to one another: from the development of one virtue springs another. Last half term the children focused on the virtues of generous and grateful.

Harvest Fast Day

Mr Mayland delivered a thought provoking assembly for Harvest Fast Day followed by workshops for years 4 and 6. The children were encouraged to give up sweets for a week and give their saving to CAFOD. They also wore something bright on the day to help brighten up our world for all. Together we raised £242. Well done!

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament October 2015

Thank you to all the families who sent in flowers to decorate the altar for our Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, we were overwhelmed by your response. During the day classes spent time in the Chapel, praying in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. KS2 children also attended a special service of Blessing with Father Paul in the afternoon. We were very proud of how the children conducted themselves throughout the day making it a very special occasion for all.

Autumn Term 2015. Catholic virtues ''generous and grateful''- our YMCA appeal for the refugees in Europe.

Get into sport assault course - September 2015