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Young Writers Competition 2019

Young Writers Competition 2019 1
A few months ago, Class 5O entered a poetry competition with Young Writers. The children had to create their own entertaining poems all about a monster of their choice. The entries were sent of and judged by a team of professional writers. We were so excited to find out today that so many of our poems had been chosen to be published in a book... We are so proud! 

Investigating Place Value

Investigating Place Value 1
Investigating Place Value 2
Investigating Place Value 3
Year 5 investigated how 5 digit numbers are made using concrete apparatus today. We looked at the use of a place holder and discussed why it is so important in our number system. Maths was a lot of fun!

Grateful and Generous

Grateful and Generous 1

Classes 5O and 5B have been looking at the virtues for this half term. We have been discussing which talents we are grateful for and how we can be generous with them. Our classmates passed on apples and as each person's came around, we added something that we are grateful for. We really enjoyed reading what our friends love about us!

Image and Likeness of God

Image and Likeness of God 1
After sharing and discussing the story of Creation, we discussed how we were one of God's most special creations. We discussed how we were like Him and also ways in which we can be more like God. We then drew half self-portraits for our Creation display.

Happy Birthday Mary

Happy Birthday Mary 1

Year 5 celebrated the birthday of Our Lady by reflecting on the important stages of Mary's Life. We discussed how she played a huge role in making Jesus the man he was and how difficult it must have been for her to say 'Yes' to God.

We created birthday cards, sang 'Happy Birthday' and ate cake to celebrate!

Down Behind the Dustbin

Down Behind the Dustbin 1
On rollover morning we enjoyed hearing a poem by Michael Rosen called 'Down Behind the Dustbin'. This inspired us to create our own poems about what we might find behind the dustbin. We used rhyming couplets to make our poems entertaining!