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Year 2 SATs shine

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, Year 2 invited their parents to join in a shine all about the special work they will be undertaking in May. Both classes had a lovely morning how much they have been learning in school and growing in confidence - which was lovely to see!

Year 2 reading shine morning

We had a fantastic time during our reading shine! Miss Bridgewater and Miss Thomas spoke to Year 2 parents about ways they can support their children with reading at home. The children then joined us to make a reading comprehension dice to try out with their reading books, to test their understanding. Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us. Here are some comments that some parents wrote about the morning.


'It is very helpful to know that reading with the children can be so much fun and enjoyable!'


'It was a fantastic experience. It was very helpful. Also, it is a great idea to allow parents to spend some time with their children within school.'


'I love coming into the school to join in the activities. I think it helps both me and my son.'


'Shine morning was really helpful for us. We got some ideas of teaching methods we can use to help our children. Thanks so much for the morning!'