St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Learning to live out our calling with compassion and love.


Our Curriculum


In Year 2 , we aim to give the children a broad and balanced curriculum. 




Power Maths is a maths toolkit that uses the 'mastery' approach to teaching maths. This means that children look at a concept in a range of different ways, in order to fully and deeply understand it. This included working with talk partners and discussing a range of ideas and the use of visual and concrete manipulatives. Each lesson begins with a problem solving activity to engage the children and get them discussing mathematical concepts within a meaningful context. Throughout the lesson there is a balance of teacher and pupil discussion before children move on to 'practice' what they have learnt and then extend and consolidate this by moving onto challenges and deepening and strengthening activities.




Each half term the children's writing lessons will be based on a new book. Usually, this book links to the topic the children are learning about, to engage their interests and deepen their knowledge and understanding. Each half term the children have a skill focus that they are expected to consistently use independently in their writing. These skills will build up and develop throughout the year to secure their writing abilities, ready for the next year group.



Reading lessons are based on a new text every 2 weeks. We use the VIPERS reading domains to ensure secure and sound comprehension of a text.

V - Vocabulary (focus on word meaning)

I - Infer (finding clues in the text to answer questions, based on inferred meaning)

P - Predict (using the text to predict what might happen next)

E - Explain (Children to explain, using the text, why they have given a certain answer)

R - Retrieval (Retrieving basic information from the text)

S - Sequencing (Putting events from the text in the right order.


Religious Education

In RE we follow the 'We are learning and growing as the children of God scheme.' The units we cover are:

- Old Testament Stories and prayers

-Sharing in the life of Jesus

- Advent 


-Miracles and Parables

- Special Celebrations

- Lent

- Easter

- Pentecost

- Our Church

- The Mass

Every Friday the children also take part in 'The Big Question' where we have a discussion based around a religious questions. 



Our topics in science are : 

- Exploring everyday materials 

- Super scientists

- Growth and survival

- Growing plants

-Living in habitats



Our topics in History are:

- Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

- Florence Nightingale

- What were seaside holidays like in the past?



Our topics in Geography are:

- Let's go to the Arctic

- Map Makers

- Where do I live?



Our topics in Art are : Arctic and Sparks and Flames.


Design and Technology

Our topics in Design and Technology are: Arctic and Seaside Snacks.