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Who's Who

Meet the teachers at St. Mary's.
Picture 1 Miss B Sims Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs E Oxley Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Mr J Bridgewater Y6 Teacher PE Lead
Picture 4 Miss L Sahtali Y6 Teacher Literacy Lead
Picture 5 Mrs M Palin Y5 Teacher SLT NQT Mentor UKS2 Lead
Picture 6 Miss B Thomas Y5 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs J Ellerton Y4 Teacher SLT SEN LKS2 lead
Picture 8 Mrs P Crawford Y4 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs M Hughes Y4 Teacher
Picture 10 Miss S Olszewski Y3 Teacher Maths Lead
Picture 11 Miss J Stacey Y3 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs E Shenton Y2 Teacher SLT KS1 Lead
Picture 13 Mrs J Eyre FS2 Teacher
Picture 14 Mrs N Catena Y1 Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs J Peacock FS2 Teacher Family Learning
Picture 16 Mrs M Tierney PP Teacher Phonics Lead
Picture 17 Mrs D Ball FS1 Teacher SLT EYFS and RS Lead
Picture 18 Mrs C Walton Music Teacher