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Healthy Lifestyle Science

As part of our science unit on 'Animals including humans,' year 6 have been learning about the impact of diet and exercise on our bodies. In groups, the children presented their own adverts to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Cinema Visit - 'Wonder'

Year 6 had a great morning at the cinema watching 'Wonder'. They are studying the book in class at the moment; this experience will help them greatly with their follow up work.

Live Science Lesson

6S took part in a LIVE science lesson which was linked to the BBC Terrific Scientific Feet Campaign. We explored how flexible our feet are and investigated whether there is a rural and urban variation. We learned that, although some of our characteristics are inherited, some of our features are controlled by the environment we live in.

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch  1
Christmas Lunch  2
The children enjoyed their Christmas lunch. They all looked great in the party hats that they had made!

Science Investigation 16.11.17 - Series and parallel circuits

In year 6, we have been investigating the differences between series and parallel circuits and their uses in everyday life.

Laches Wood Assembly

Well done to Year 6 for their great performance! We hope that the rest of the children, staff and parents enjoyed watching!

'Alright Charlie' Police Visit

PC Edge recently came into school to deliver the 'Alright Charlie' workshop. This gave our children the opportunity to discuss some of the dangers of modern society; both online and offline. 

Laches Wood 2017

Still image for this video
Here are some of the pictures from our fantastic week at Laches Wood.

Praying the Rosary

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Our Lady's apparition in Fatima, Year 6 went into the Chapel to learn a little more about why the Rosary is so important to us as Catholics. The children also spent some time praying the Rosary together.

French & Music afternoon with Saint John Fisher staff

Year 6 had a fantastic afternoon thanks to Mrs Higgins and Miss Golds from Saint John Fisher. The children learned various animal names in French. In addition to this, they had the opportunity to write their own song. We have some talented lyric writers!

School Councillors in Year Six

School Councillors in Year Six 1
School Councillors in Year Six 2
The children have voted for their representatives on the school council. This year they have chosen Ruby (6S), Krae (6S), Tia (6B) and Joshua (6B).

Building electrical circuits!

As an introduction to our first science unit of Electricity, we worked in groups to choose equipment to build an electrical circuit. We investigated factors which affect circuits, such as:

bulb brightness, circuit overload and types of switches. We discussed what happens when there is a break in the circuit and used the scientific vocabulary we have learned to explain why.

Internet Awareness

Year 6 took part in an e-safety awareness afternoon with PCSO Steve Edge.

We discussed ways in which we can remain safe on internet and what to do if we feel uncomfortable about anything online. We focused on cyber bullying and the effects of this.