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Autumn Shine 2016


Our focus for our shine day was the introduction of the new online maths homework and phonics books, and how to access these. Children worked alongside their parents in logging in as well as completing the activities themselves. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with their parents. 


Parents commented that...


"It is very helpful to see how the children learn. so that we can help them as appropriate. It has been well organised."


"Very interactive and the children enjoyed it."


"It's really helpful for me so that we can help them at home. It's very interesting, much appreciated."




Summer Shine Afternoon June 2016


Year 1 parents were invited to take part in an English based workshop. The children had to write a set of instructions and then follow them in order to plant a seed.


Parent comments:


"Lots of people atttended, lovely atmosphere, very interactive activity. I look forward to the next one."


"Lovely afternoon. I got a good opportunity to spend time with my child."


"Great shine with lots of fun activities for the children as well as the adults."

Spring Shine Afternoon March 2016


Year 1 parents were invited to take part in a Science Shine afternoon during British Science week. The children and parents were given the task of creating a way for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river, without the fox eating him and also without him getting wet.

The creative ideas that came from parents and children alike were absolutely fantastic. Everyone enjoyed themselves and again it was lovely to see families working together.


Some of the parents comments:

"Another lovely shine afternoon. It's great to be able to get involved with the kids and see what tey are doing at school."


"Very well organised activities for the children, giving them different ideas and confidence and also taking them through to another learning step. Awesome day."


"Lovely time with the children and teachers. Great enthusiasm showed by the children. Very good idea to get parents to work with the children under the teachers supervision."


November Phonics and Maths Shine Afternoon 2015


Parents in Year 1 were invited into school to participate in a phonics and maths workshop. It was lovely to see both the children and parents engaging in the activities. The parents were taken through a typical phonics lesson and they were given links to the internet, in order to support their children at home. Parents were also given methods and techniques to help their children with maths at home.


Parents comments:


"It's a benefit to see how maths and phonics are taught in school so that I can support learning at home. I was pleades to learn about the website links too."


"Interesting session which gave me as a parent an insight into how my child is taught and learns at school."


"It's a great experience to be here with the children and teachers."


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