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Reconciliation Shine

Today we learnt all about Reconciliation. We found out what happened during the Sacrament and practised it with Father Ted. This helped us to feel less worried about the day. Saying sorry for our sins is a really important thing to do and we know that God with always forgive us. 


Parent Comments:

"A lovely morning with the children and a very good and fun way to help them understand the Sacrament of Reconciliation."


"A very lovely session. The children interacted well with the teachings of Mrs Kemball and received in depth scenarios of First Confession"

Our Reading Shine

We invited parents in to look at the reading skills we learn in year three. We discussed what reading is, as well when we use our reading skills. Parents also talked to their children about what they like to read. After discussion, we practised our retrieval and inference skills together with fun reading activities.


Parent Comments:

"Really enjoyed the morning. It was filled with interactive learning which was great to see. Lots of input from the children too. This will help us teach our children at home"


"A very informative session, helping children to learn more about reading techniques in a fun way"